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Monday February 18th, 2019 / Vegetable garden

Ahhh, February! The first hints of spring and the occasional sunny day where you go out without a coat… and still freeze to death. This might or might not have happened to me this very morning. Anyways, what should you do with your plants before spring begins? What do they need during February and March to guarantee a sexy spring? It doesn’t matter if you have a garden, a balcony, a patio or a few pots at home, it’s all about scale, y’all.

Sunday February 3rd, 2019 / Garden

Ok, ok. I’m aware that succulents are very 2016, but trends go in repeating cycles, so I’m going to tell you today, year 2019 after Christ, how to propagate your succulents. It’s so easy, you’ll see. You’ll go from 3 to 333 pots in a few months. Maybe you’ll even need to move to a bigger place. Let’s go:

Monday June 4th, 2018 / Garden

Summer is coming! What about your houseplants? You know, you leave them alone for ten minutes and they start dying. But not all plants behave in this suicidal way, no, no. I’m bringing you a list today of 5 plants that can take a little abandonment during holidays. For you, that have no friends or family nearby (sadface) and don’t quite trust your neighbors enough to give them the keys to your apartment.

Monday April 2nd, 2018 / Other stuff

As I told you earlier when I wrote that self-promoting post about the second birthday of Al Fresco, here’s the first travel post. Two months ago we went to San Pedro de Atacama and we learnt a few things that we wished we had known before planning our trip. I’m giving you a few tips and clues today. They have nothing to do with the usual what to see in Atacama that you can find anywhere in Google.

Wednesday March 21st, 2018 / Nature