5 indoor plants that will survive a bit of loneliness during your summer holiday

Summer is coming! What about your houseplants? You know, you leave them alone for ten minutes and they start dying. But not all plants behave in this suicidal way, no, no. I’m bringing you a list today of 5 plants that can take a little abandonment during holidays. For you, that have no friends or family nearby (sadface) and don’t quite trust your neighbors enough to give them the keys to your apartment.

These five plants are tough enough to take a bit of overwatering before you leave and a bit of dryness during the last days before you return. The will also survive even your craziest self-watering method.

Chamaedorea elegans (parlour palm)

Chamaedorea elegans

Yep. I know I have already talked about it in 5 easy care indoor plants, but I have to mention it again. This Mexican palm will be as fresh as if you’ve never left upon your return.

Chlorophytum comosum (spider plant)

Chlorophytum comosum

This African plant is almost imposible to kill. Trust me. It tolerates different levels of light and moisture. It keeps wáter in its rhizomes, enduring periods of drought.

Hedera hélix var. Eva (ivy Eva)

Hedera helix

This European plant originated in ancient humid forests. It’s not the best option if you live in a dry climate, but in humid places like the UK, it’s the perfect candidate to survive the summer abandonment.

Dracaena spp. (dragon plants? I’m honestly not sure about the common name)


This group of trees and shrubby plants are native to Africa. Mine has survived multiple and intense traumas and it’s still looking beaut.



Trendy and no fuss. Don’t go for the rarest and most delicate species like the lithops or the buddha’s temples. See the beauty in the simple sedums, echeverias, or crassulas.

And that’s all for today! In the future I’ll tell you about a few tricks to leave your houseplants alone for a couple of weeks or even a month during the summer. And you? Do you have any survivor plants?


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