How to propagate succulents the easy way

Ok, ok. I’m aware that succulents are very 2016, but trends go in repeating cycles, so I’m going to tell you today, year 2019 after Christ, how to propagate your succulents. It’s so easy, you’ll see. You’ll go from 3 to 333 pots in a few months. Maybe you’ll even need to move to a bigger place. Let’s go:

In a nutshell, any part of a succulent can be used for propagation. A leaf, a cutting, a baby plant or even a section of the stalk. I’ve seen some crazy tutorials that overcomplicate the process by using stuff like rooting hormone or hydroponic compounds, but here’s the truth: you don’t need any of that, most succulents are incredibly easy to propagate.

The quickest way: cuttings

You’ll have a new plant in 3-4 weeks if you use this method. First, make a cutting of 5-10 cm. Cut just below a knot (knots are the points in the stalk where leaves grow). Then, carefully pull the leaves off this last knot. Lastly, just stick the cutting in the soil up to the point where the leaves appear. The basic process is that simple.

If you are more patient: leaves

This method will take longer, but it’ll produce a smaller and more compact plant. You’ll have to wait two months or more, depending on the species.

Some cuttings and leaves. The well proportioned cuttings are marked with a V mark, and the not so good ones, with a X.

Soil, pot and watering: avoid rot!

To be honest, I just use any potting soil I’ve got at home. However, if you want to be fancier and guarantee more chances of success, you can prepare your own succulent-specific potting mix, sandier and with more drainage. But I insist: that’s not essential. Then, you’ll have to keep a humid soil (not wet!) until the plant starts rooting. ¿How will you know if the plant has rooted? You’ll have to pull ever so slightly and check if you feel a bit of resistance. Be extra careful not to break the tiny roots!

To avoid rotting, keep the pot draining right, don’t let water accumulate below, and keep it in a bright place. Light will increase the photosynthetic activity of the plant, and it will consume more water, avoiding excessive moisture.

Some succulents can ever root in water.

Final tips: don’t overcomplicate things! Most of the common succulents propagate easily with these super simple methods. Some can even root directly in water without root rot. Try propagating the ones you have at home now, you might be surprised! ; )


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