Prepare your plants for spring

Ahhh, February! The first hints of spring and the occasional sunny day where you go out without a coat… and still freeze to death. This might or might not have happened to me this very morning. Anyways, what should you do with your plants before spring begins? What do they need during February and March to guarantee a sexy spring? It doesn’t matter if you have a garden, a balcony, a patio or a few pots at home, it’s all about scale, y’all.

1. Plant spring flowering annuals and bulbs

Petunias, vincas, portulacas, marigolds, sunflowers, celosias, dahlias, alliums, gladiolus, liliums… You get it. When frosts stop in your area, it’s time to plant them. Or if you’re lucky enough to have a greenhouse, you can start already.

2. Have a look and see if your plants need repotting

You don’t have to do it every year, but now is a good time to repot those plants that may need it before they start actively growing in spring.

3. Fertilize

Now is the time to fertilize used soil or amend any nutrient deficiencies that you might have noticed. It’s also a good idea to put a thin layer of new compost in your potted plants.

4. Prune

If you think a plant’s in need of pruning, do it now. Like repotting, the general rule is that you should prune when the plant isn’t actively growing. Hence, it’s better to do it before spring starts.

(Bonus) Create a natural meadow!

Great for local biodiversity, bees and other polinizers and with a hippie chic flair that I can’t say no to. Meadows are the I woke up like this of gardening. They are, simply, a plot (or a container) with a mix of native flowering plants that will flower throughout the year, in waves. It requires a bit of botanical research, as you need to find the plants that are best adapted to your location. Some companies also offer pre-made mixes that might work for you.


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