Color without flowers

We’ve been to Asturias and the French Brittany this summer. Amazing hydrangeas and colorful hanging baskets appeared in every corner. It was gorgeous. But not all of us live in a rainy place with gentle temperatures all year round. Flower season doesn’t last long in most climates, so it’s time to get a little bit creative with color.


Deciduous trees

Plants, especially trees, whose leaves turn red or yellowish in fall can contribute to make the landscape more varied and interesting. Maples, ginkgos, poplars, chestnut trees…

deciduous trees

Plants with colorful leaves

Not all leaves are green. What? We’ll talk someday about the chlorophyll. These “special” species are great as focal points in a fower-less garden. Trees such as the plum tree (Prunus cerasifera var. Pissardii) or the “summer chocolate” mimosa tree (Albizia julibrissin) have a dark hue and could look great in a garden or patio. If space is an issue, you can use smaller plants such as the poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima), the boatlily (Tradescantia spathacea), the purple passion (Gynura aurantiaca), the palm lily (Cordyline rubra) or the begonia rex (Begonia rex). Most of these plants exhibit red or purple hues on their leaves.

bold walls

Bright colors on walls and fences

Dare to turn your backyard into a magical place using paint. Try with a bright color: pink, purple… It’ll make a contrast with the green of the plants. Sounds a little too bold but it isn’t. If you don’t trust me, go check @plantsonpink ‘s Instagram to get an idea. And if you don’t feel like risking, create a special corner painting just a wall, or a little bit of it.

colorful pots

Boldly colored pots and furniture

Plastic is fantastic! Ok, it’s not, but sure it’s colorful. Plus, of all the mentioned options, it’s the easier to undo in case you’re classy and dislike the end result.

I’ve made a Pinterest board to inspire you. Do you dare to color? ; )

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