Al Fresco turns 2 years old

Time flies! Although I haven’t been particularly active over here due to my very stressing work situation, I still have had visits and comments from interested people. Thanks! Do you want to know how was this second year? Keep reading…

Sadly, I still don’t have my daily dose of dirt and green, since I still live in an apartment in the center of a hard, grey city. However, my job is incredibly fulfilling and it has taken Gonzalo and me to amazing places this year. I’ll be writing about those in como coquetear con un chico discretamente. The amount and duration of trips have taught me a thing of two about plants that thrive in abandonment and how to water while away. Expect some content about this, too! Lastly, I plan to write about how to try and live a more sustainable and conscious way. All in a very easy and rational way. Because let’s be honest: we can’t change the world, but we can change ourselves so that the world changes (back off, Coelho).

The three most visited posts this year have been long, reference posts and I’m so happy about it:

And if there’s something else you wish to read here, just tell me! 😀

Last news is about the periodicity of the posts: from now on, expect content the first and third Sunday each month, at 9 in the morning (London time!).

See you al fresco!

Image credit: Corinne Kutz

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